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Chain Hoists

Industrial Chain Hoists

NMHP Inc. has a full line of high quality chain hoists, ranging from the manual hand chain hoists to the more popular and powerful electric chain hoists, including many styles and models to choose from. Our chain hoists are extremely reliable and durable and are built for long lasting use.

Most of our chain hoists are designed for very low maintenance and require very little upkeep. We have single phase chain hoists (110/120 volt) that can be used in any electrical outlet as well as the more advanced 3 phase chain hoists which have to be direct wired and include a three phase lifting motor to provide a smooth transition. Pull rotor electric brakes are self-adjusting and virtually maintenance free and Manganese Alloy load chain is corrosion and abrasion resistant.

We have many chain hoists that are also outdoor rated, and come completely sealed for increased operator safety and equipment durability. How much lift do you need? What ever lift you need we can provide, although 10'-20' lift is pretty standard. Weight capacity in (tons) is another factor to consider. Our chain hoists range from 1/2-ton capacity to 20-ton capacity. Lift speed, single or dual speed, minimum headroom, pendant cord length, and whether you need an overhead-motorized trolley are other factors to consider.

Some of our chain hoist product lines including standard electric chain hoists and manual hand chain hoists are listed as follows:

Single phase electric chain hoists 3-phase electric chain hoists Hand chain hoists
Heavy duty electric chain hoists Valustar electric chain hoists Airstar air hoists
Electric chain hoist w/ trolley Lodestar electric chain hoists Lever hoists
High capacity electric chain hoists Wire-rope trolley hoists Wide range trolley
Cyclone hand chain hoists  Shopstar electric chain hoist Puller lever tool 
High speed ergonomic hoist Chain slings/Hoist rings Hoist accessories

Contact us for industrial chain hoist questions, inquiries, or special pricing at 1-800-676-5161.

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